Hello my name is Zainab (She / Her)
Product Designer

I'm a Toronto-based Product Designer. Currently in my final year at York University and Sheridan College, and looking for full-time Product Design Positions or internships for Summer 2022. Throughout my four years of design school, I have had the privilege of designing human-centred digital products that aim to solve problems and reduce friction to meet user needs. I am constantly learning and evolving as a student of design, and want to continue exploring the different challenges I can solve as a designer to make human lives a little better. 


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Animation by my friend and aspring animator,

 Jericho Ortiz :]  

Honourable Mention 

RGD Student Awards - Intent Award for Accessible Design: Teach Engage Access 2021

First Place Winner

Hack the Valley 2021 - Schmart 

ElleHacks 2020



DeCode Fall 2021 Participant w/ KOHO 

DeCode Spring 2021 Participant w/ Solace 

I'd love to work in a place where I can grow as a designer while also making a positive impact with my skill set. If this sounds like you/your company, I'd love to chat. 

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Fun Facts

MBTI Personality Type:

INFP (The Mediator) 🌿

Enneagram Personality Type:

Type 2 (The Giver)💕

Horoscope sign:

Pisces ♓

What I'm currently upto 📚

Listening to 'Hold No Grudge' by Lorde

Reading 'Station Eleven' by Emily St. John Mandel and Atomic Habits by James Clear