Hello my name is Zainab (She / Her)
Designer + Altruist 

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I am an advocate for doing good selflessly, I bring my hunger for helping people everywhere I go, whether if its for advocating for good design experiences or helping a friend out - my mantra is to create the best possible experience for people. 


Having a lifelong passion for empowering people and designing, Product Design allows me to research and design products specifically to make people's lives better. It truly is the best of both worlds for me.


Aside from Design, I am an avid nature enthusiast - I made it my quarantine goal to explore as many trails I can in my hometown Toronto. I also love anything related to wellness, and meditation -also a huge fan of Astrology and personality tests. 


Super Fun Facts

Honourable Mention 

RGD Student Awards - Intent Award for Accessible Design: Teach Engage Access 2021

First Place Winner

Hack the Valley 2021

ElleHacks 2020



DeCode Fall 2021 Participant w/ KOHO 

DeCode Spring 2021 Participant w/ Solace 

MBTI Personality Type:

INFP (The Mediator) 🌿

Enneagram Personality Type:

Type 2 (The Giver)💕

Horoscope sign:

Pisces ♓

Currently Reading 📚

How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties:

40 Strategies to Fail at Adulting

by Randy J. Paterson 

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Email me at alavizainab6@gmail.com, call me at 416-553-1893 or send me a message right here 

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