I'm Zainab✨ 
 nice to meet you.

Unpacking problems and turning them into empowering experiences is my aesthetic.

Currently, a third-year design student at York University and Sheridan College (YSDN)


Looking for a super optimistic and collaborative designer that's always up for a challenge?

Hit me up.  

How I got started in Product Design 🥰 


I discovered my passion for Product Design cumulatively. I have always loved designing - even from a young age, from painting to graphic design, but after being exposed to the wonderful world of UX in my final year at High School, I decided to switch my entire area of study from Architecture to Design at York University and Sheridan College with a Focus on User Experience Design.

What stood out to me, was the importance of considering the experience of users every step of the way in product design. As an advocate for Altruism (I was president of my high school's Undercover Kindness club 😄 ) and a lover of designing, Product Design turned to be the perfect intersection within my interests; creating products for the greater good.

Product Design allows me to research and design products specifically to make people's lives better. It truly is the best of both worlds for me, and I hope to continue to make people's lives better through technology.

Some cool stuff about me 🚀

I'm an avid and award-winning hackathon-goer, Registered Graphic Designer, and hold executive positions at my schools' Design Student Association (DSA) and Creative Arts Student Association (CASA). I recently became Intermediate in American Sign Language and currently bettering my front-end development skills. I want to explore creative writing this summer.  

In my free time, I love going for walks in nature, skincare, listening to music (you'll see what I'm listening to now on the right 😉), and watching anime.  

MBTI Personality Type: INFP (The Mediator) 🌿

Enneagram Personality Type: Type 2 (The Giver)💕

Horoscope sign: Pisces ♓

Favourite Drink: Matcha Lattes 🍵

My super-power: Altruism and Empathy 🦸

Contact me

Email me at alavizainab6@gmail.com or call me at 416-553-1893

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