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IDENTOS Product Design Internship

IDENTOS is a Mobile-first Security company aimed at developing Digital Identity; Here are my takeaways from my time working here. 

Type and Timeline
Tools used




Project Management



May 2021 - August 2021

(4 Months)


Marketing team

Front-end Team

Back-end Team 

DevOps Team


Marvel Studio

Adobe Illustrator




How can we make Mobile experiences safer through Digital Identity 

IDENTOS uses technology to connect citizens to their communities and jurisdictions through security and digital trust

Product Design takes on many hats 
Nervous, Anxious and Excited. This was my first time working as a Product Designer in a work enviroment and it was great to get a feel for designing outside of school ! I am grateful to have gotten to take on all the responsibilities of being a Product Designer from User Research to Product Management and well - designing !  I had a lot of fun designing, collaborating and growing with such a wonderful team of Designers, PMs, and Developers to build amazing experiences. 
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Using Jira, I learned the importance of getting tasks done and reaching out for help when needed. I worked efficiently and asked questions along the way to ensure I was doing the best work I could.

Below are a snapshot of the projects I got to lead and collaborate on. I am grateful for all that I learned and confident in my design skills going forward. 
I got to lead the design for a few projects which I am immensly proud of and could not do without the support of my fellow designers, Lauren Dewar and Christine Dang. They taught me the importance of putting the user first and how to design effectively given your platform
User Flows
image (2).png
image (1).png
Michigan Health app demo and user flows 
Michigan Health Mockup.png
image (7).png
image (4).png
image (5).png
User Testing Sessions
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We are #BetterTogether

I learned so many things while working as a UX/UI intern at IDENTOS. Some of these were design skills yes, but also soft skills too, like the importance of communication and teamwork. As time went by, I learned that it's okay to take absorb and learn from your experiences and remember to always have fun and communicate. 


Here are a few of the main things I learned.

  • Communication is key

  • Everyone feels imposter syndrome

  • Designing is never just "designing"

  • It's okay to lean on your team members for support

  • You are not a burden or failure !

  • Don't be afraid to be the dumbest person in the room (someone might just have the same question as you !) 

I am grateful for this wonderful experience and hope to continue to design to make the world a better place. 

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